Dandelion Events | Meet Leslie
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Meet Leslie

Leslie Struble

Photographer: Grace Havlak

Forget the hype or crafting the perfect Pinterest page — You want a wedding that feels true to You.


And while you are likely a capable, accomplished person and perhaps even quite organized, you have simply never planned a wedding before.


Maybe you noticed that there are a few more details than you originally thought, or you’re afraid you might be missing something (oh right, that CAKE!).


That’s where I come in. I’ll be your trusted guide through the wedding planning wilds with ease, grace, and a splash of fun.

So if you are looking for a…



…supporting you on your wedding planning journey – plus handling all of the details behind the scenes on your wedding day – you have come to the right place.


I would be honored and grateful to guide you on this epic adventure; to help you create the ceremony and celebration of your dreams.


Looking forward to chatting with you,